If you are a business owner or leader, of course, Employee productivity will mean a lot to you. Employee productivity for the company will greatly contribute to the productivity of the company and of course the increase in corporate profits. Meanwhile, for a leader, he led the employee productivity will improve the performance of part or department that he leads.

Increase employee productivity is not enough to constantly encourage them to work hard. There is a set of strategies that need to be applied. Demanded the employees to work hard not good solution, even could backfire for the company or leader.

4 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity:

Here are some strategies that can be implemented in your company or organization to improve the productivity of your employees:

Improving Motivation and Refresher:

Motivation is the driving force, the greater the motivation of his actions will be even greater. Apparent productivity will increase. However, the note is not enough motivation to salary. Salary indeed contribute to employee motivation, but the new salary as the basic motivation.

To improve the productivity needed more motivation other than regular salary they receive. Motivation is not always the money. The company must be creative in providing motivation for its employees. Sometimes, simple and free things can improve employee motivation.

Injection of motivation is necessary for employees if it already has a "disease" that their motivation is reduced. Required appropriate training programs to maintain and improve the level of employee motivation.

Motivation can come down and this is commonplace in human beings. Motivation can go up and down. For the program needed to maintain the level of motivation to remain at the highest level resulting in high productivity.

Work environments conducive Also Increase Employee Productivity:

If the motivation is like gasoline that move the machine, then a conducive environment becomes lubricants. Adequacy of gasoline would not be sufficient if the lubricant on the machine less. In fact, if enforced will damage the engine. So also with the company and your organization. Although the company provides high motivation boost, if the condition or environment is not conducive, the motivation is not so useful.

Here the role of leadership, especially the top leaders in creating an environment conducive to work. Employees feel comfortable and optimistic in the works. Sometimes there are companies that use conditions are not conducive, that increase motivation based competition, but instead makes a lot of friction among employees that will reduce productivity.

4 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity With Best Tips And Tricks
4 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity With Best Tips And Tricks

Training programs are also needed is platihan that increase employee mindset. Employees who have a positive mindset will create a more conducive environments. So that more and more employees who have a positive mindset will be more conducive environment. Of course, in addition to company policies that create a conducive environment.

Time Management Integration with Enterprise Systems:

Time management will probably contribute to the productivity of employees. But not enough to force the employee to manage his time. Time management must be integrated with the system at your company. In fact, the system needs to be designed so that employees work with management in a timely manner so that productivity will be high. The system should make the activities more effective and productive employees.

Of course, understanding of time management is very important for employees. Required training programs so that employees work using time management properly. However, if the existing system in the company is not in line, or may even hamper productivity, productivity will not be much increased.

For example, the quality management system in addition to a focus on quality, needs to be improved and enhanced in order to increase the productivity of employees. Likewise with other systems, not just the pursuit of that work be true, but also high-productivity jobs.

Reward and Punishment And Mental Champion:

Reward and punishment remains a fairly effective method to increase productivity, but there are things that need to be considered in its application. Do not let the reward and punishment instead create environments that are not conducive. This is precisely the goal even contradictory.

One disadvantage of reward and punishment is the mindset of most people are more afraid of punishment than reward motivation to pursue. This fear has the potential to be friction between employees. This is what allows the conditions are not conducive to happen.

For the application of the concept of reward and punishment must be accompanied by an increase in winning mentality for its employees. Winning mentality is a mental condition where someone wants to give you the best with sportsmanship (to accept defeat and its consequences).


You need to make the program increases productivity by setting up the system and policy of making working conditions conducive and productive. It is the responsibility of top management. Besides top management also need to create a training program that not only pay attention to technical problems, also the problem of motivation, positive mindset, a winning mentality and time management.

Increasing employee productivity can not pay attention to one aspect alone, but must be comprehensive and integrated manner.

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