In this blog post i will tell you how to control your Webmaster Tools in 2015-2016 with latest blogging tips and tricks if you want a better blog with good Google Ranking in Search Engine then you should make these changes and get this latest tips to using webmaster tool and make yourself as a good Blogger and if you have already have good blogger then don't these tips also help you. Now a days Blogger and Website are very creative and make good and healthy money with good content articles and posts. Webmasters are make many changes and get more tricks with their creative mind ideas and these tips and techniques also very helpful for all the blogger and ordinary people. In previous going year Google make many changes in Blogger Setting, Blogger Template, Blogger HTML Coding, Blogger Features, Google Analytics, Google Webmasters. But in future means coming year Google make many more changes in webmasters. Let discuss some features.

  • Google Blogger.
  • Google Webmasters.
  • Google Analytics.
  • Google Adsense.

These above points are the main change which happen in future and we also should to prepare for them to maintain the Google Polices and Google TOC. But in this post i am going to just Discuss about Blogger SEO and Google Webmasters Tools. Next 2 points i will discuss in my further posts.

Google Blogger:

Google Blogger is very useful for the beginners bloggers because blogging is not an easy works. To blogging on your blog you have some skills like writing a post creativity to make changes with better ideas and also blogging ticks for better results if you have blogging ticks then you easily make blogger and also make a Good Website. 

Google Blogger is a platform where we make our personal blog and post content or information to provide web users or peoples. We also make good blog to show us and also make money with our blog by monetizing our blog content or articles with Google Adsense or Google Ads. This is the easiest way to make money this features is already in the blogger. I also suggest you to make a Free Blog on Blogger and make some practice here and then purchase you own Domain or Website when you properly gain Blogging Tips and SEO Tips.

I have given a proper article how to make blogger or make SEO in blogger HTML Coding. If you want then give only 30 minutes to make blog and also make SEO tips in you blog with every post.

 How Manage Blogger Title Tags to Improve SEO

Google Webmaster Tools:

In the Google Webmaster Tools we have some high resulting features which is very important for blogger and you can easily get it and after make these changes you get a lot of visitors or huge traffic from Google Search Engine if you want to really do this then first read this article then go with below articles because these features are new and after know previous you can easily understand next one.

Fetch As Google:

Recent Top Secret SEO Tips Coming New Year 2015-2016 Webmaster Tools
Recent Top Secret SEO Tips Coming New Year 2015-2016 Webmaster Tools 1

Fetch as Google is one of the best tools for blogger by using this tools you can easily fetch your blog and index your URL and Home Page URL easily when you want. By fetching your blog Search Engine Crawl your blog immediately and you get more visitors by search engine. Now how to use this Tool here below is tutorial.

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