In this tutorial i will tell you how to make the blogger header image. This is so simple but for this you can properly command on the Photoshop. If you know Photoshop then you can easily make all type of image and according to your blogger post and best image working with your own mind. If you are trying to make image to your blogger header or like Favicon then you are follow these steps.

If your not know how to run Photoshop then don't worry i will help to making this type of image to learn you all features of Photoshop you can not go any way all the tips and trick are available in few days. If you also learn how to run Photoshop then keep watching my site to next post. I will make tutorial like Photoshop complete package and WordPress in my next post.

Now Get Started with the First Step:


If you have Photoshop any type like Photoshop 6.0 or Photoshop 7.0 like these you can make easily to you blogger header image in these Photoshop.

1. Run Photoshop on your Screen.
2. Go to  File on top of your Photoshop software.
3. Click New (You can also use CTRL + N as a shortcut key).


4. Select your Header Image size which you want like my header image size is 700x90. Select it width and height like my header width is 700 and my header image height is 90. You make your own choice image.
5. Select your Mode like RGB Color, Gray-scale, Bitmap.
6. Select your Content Like White, Background Color Or Transparent.
7. Select your Color of Your header image.

When you Selecting header image color then what you want its depend upon you it you want single color then only click your favorite color ad if you want to choose multiple color then go to gradient tool. About Gradient tool it is a long procedure to make image that's why i will discus in the next post about gradient. First you can get command on simple image make.

8. Now make title of your Blogger like my blogger title is "Trick of Blogging" its up to you.
9. Select your title color different types and shape. Many title shapes and fonts are available in Photoshop. You can manage easily your title fonts.
10. To write your title to You can go to Type Tool Like [T] and then write your title.
11. Now Go to blending option to make the title 3D type. 

12. This 3D type option available in layer which is on your right sidebar.
13. If you have not option of layer in your right sidebar then you can go to window on your adobe Photoshop software on the top of your Photoshop and then go to number 14 Show Layers.
14. Then Go to layers and right click on your text and in layers. Go to Blending Option you can easily  manage all changes.
15. Now last step on Photoshop you can save your image in JPEG format on your computer.

16. Now go to and Login you blogger.
17. Go to Header Gadget and select the image from your computer and upload in you blogger header image and select the option written below select image instead of title and description.
18. Then save the Gadget and back to blogger.
19. Save Changes also.
20. Check you blogger header with the link view blog.

In this tutorial i learn you about Photoshop to make header image. If you want to learn more about the Photoshop feature then join my site and comments me with this i will know what you want. I will also learn you about WordPress Feature.  

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