Career management or employees' Career Management is an important part of developing human resources in a company, where this step is an attempt to encourage and motivate the employees to be able to get a better career, both in terms of position and in terms of salary. 

By having a career plan, then an employee will not only be more motivated in their work, but employees will be able to have the level of job satisfaction is higher and this will lead to better the productivity and minimize the level of moving employees in a company. Employee Career Management itself is an effort to make the employee may have more insight and better capabilities, including in the case of other jobs with different job descriptions and higher difficulty level than the previous work. Even if it is necessary, the employee can be placed in various positions and assignments. But unfortunately, it is sometimes often escape the attention of new employees who do not have experience or a new graduate employees, finally upon age and working time began to increase, then the employee realized that the job does not carry it everywhere.

This is often an issue of concern in a company, where satisfaction and employee motivation is to be down. In this condition, in fact this is the main task of the HR department to assist the employee in terms of career management, especially if the employee is considered to be very potential to be developed better.
Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 1
Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 1


Career Management Employees In A Company:

In a company, the HR Department could propose several programs to encourage the employees in terms of career management, either by using the official submission letter submitted to the management and submission of personal nature that can be delivered in a meeting forum or training programs.
For example, the HR department has the right to propose the existence of programs related to job shadow that allows an employee from one department to get training or can also learn to do the work that the task of other departments.

For example, we could take a bartender at a hotel maid staff to learn to be a restaurant, a production operator trained to become head of production units, secretary of a company can learn to become administrative assistants, supervisors can begin to learn to know the discharge of duties-duties of quality controllers and etc.

With this training program, in addition to add insight and expertise of an employee, such employee career management strategy will also encourage employees to be more zealous in determining their Career Path based on different skills in accordance with passion. In addition, this training is also useful to fight boredom in a company. In addition, the HR department can make this training program as a regular program or even formally a company that carried out in a special period, of course, this is all subject to approval of the board of directors. In fact, if necessary, the HR department can appoint an experienced employee who is considered more as a mentor in this training program.

Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 3
Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 3

Furthermore, the HR department can also make proposals on their regular training programs that are directly related to the development of expertise and insight into the development of an employee where the employee from each department will attend the training with a schedule that is set up in such a way so that all departments can obtain training in equal portions. Another way to be able to develop the career of an employee in a company is to provide the widest possible information and training as possible to each employee who is considered very potential and serious look to develop a career in the company (not an employee of the company who looks just use this as a springboard to be able to work in a larger company).

Therefore, it is the duty of the HR department to have rich resources and reliable to allow an employee to be able to develop skills and careers. This information can be obtained from the seminars, study tours, in-house training or even can also directly open a scholarship program for potential employees.

Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 4
Human Resources Manager Task In Career Management Employees 4

How do I know the HR department potential job candidates?

There are many ways you can do HR departments to determine the potential employee candidates to be included in the employee's career management programs, some of which are in collaboration with managers in order to try to put some of the employees of a department in a project different from other departments.

This is done to see how much the employee's ability to adapt to conditions outside the comfort zone for which they are working. For example, if an employee has been very expert run a machine, try to ask the employee's entry into other departments with different engine conditions.

If the employee is able to adjust well, them to work on other projects in different departments. The adaptation process and the time the employee determines how the seriousness and quality of the employee.

Employee career management program performed well, actually not only benefit the employees themselves, but also will impact on the company's progress and to lower levels of change job and job dissatisfaction rate among employees. In addition, this method can also be used to retain employees is considered more potent.

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