I have already published article Part One of this post first read previous article then take your foot in second post and then you can easily understand this blogging tricks and you are also make your self a best SEO optimizer of every blog post. Keywords usage is very important for every blog use the best keywords in Title Tags or Subheading because these heading are the main source of getting visitors on your blog because when you use the best keywords in post title or subheading then it force to search engine to crawl your pages as related searches. You also use the Google Keywords Tools but you have highly competition with other highly website in search engine and the you get a huge traffic or audience in your blog or website. Now read below points completely to make SEO in you website.

Connect Your Blog With US and Canada Blog With Same Niche:

I suggest you firstly when you make your blog or develop a website then post some articles on your website then connect your blog or website with US or Canada blog means comment on these website which is same niche as you means if you Blog is about Career then connect your blog with other Career website. Connect means read the post of visiting website make relation with blog readers and commenting on it also.

Promote Your Blog With US and Canadian Blog Communities:

When you make your website then visiting US - UK - Canadian - Australia blog communities. Means make Social Promotion of your blog it also very helpful and also drive a huge traffic with easy way.  We mostly use the Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Linkedin, Google+ to share our blog post but we can not focus on it deeply. When you want traffic from your blog then you should make strategy to get more visitors on your blog with technical way. We use Facebook or Google+ but we can not focus on people or countries now i tell you which thing you want to do.
Work Keywords Planning Of Content SEO Every Post Or Article Use Targeted Words Targeted Audience
Work Keywords Planning Of Content SEO Every Post Or Article Use Targeted Words Targeted Audience
Publish Blogger Posts On Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn | Tumblr Other Social Sites Automatically 

Tips And Techniques:

Make Google+ profile and Linkedin profile and add communities and groups in these profile. Also find people from these countries like US or Canada. When you add groups or communities then you can get huge amount of visitors. Share your content with linkedin profile and Google+ profile. Also find relevant blog or website to share or commenting blog link to get profitable visitors and don't share your link on those social site which can not allow to share link.  You can also advertise on your blog or website on American website to get more traffic with few dollars.

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