In this tutorial i show you how to make more pages and why pages are so important to increase website or blogger traffic in search engine and Google ranking. It is very important thing that you get more organic traffic to make better revenue but if you want to do so then you can make some changes to your blog or website. I will show you how to make perfect and more pages to increase your organic traffic. This tutorial is very simple to do so. If you want to make some changes then go with me and learn how better pages can increase your website or blog traffic.

Now Lets start the tutorial Why Pages Are So Important:


When some one search about some thing which they want then only one URL is shown on Google search engine which is not good because there is only one chance to the visitor that they click your website or blog link but if you make more pages then your blog or website show more links on search engine which increase the chance to visit your site first. This thing is so important to blogger.

Make More Pages On Your Blog Or Website To Increase Traffic:

If you have a blog then you simply do the following steps:

  • Go to
  • Go to Pages and click the Pages link.
  • When you click this link you can see  already one page with Home Tab.
  • Click the above link written by new pages. When you click you see two option.
  • Blank Page or Web Address.
  • There is your choice which one is choose.
  • If you choose Blank Page then you put some text or images and videos.
  • If you choose Web Address then you put some link in this page doesn't matter if this is your website link or another website link.
  • When you make the page choose better words or text to select the page name because this will be the word that's show in the search engine.

Now If you have a Website the you simply do the following steps:

  • Login In your website.
  • Go to Add New Page and select your page name that's so simple.
  • Now you can easily put images or videos on your pages.
  • This works same as blog. First your home page address is shown in search results and then your website pages.

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